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E. Georgiadou, I. P. Chochliouros, M. Giovanni L. Frecassetti,  E. Sfakiankis, “Energy Efficient E-band transceiver”. 5th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Protypation, Standards and Quality, which was organized by the Union of Hellenic Scientist for Protypation and Standarization (ENEPROT).Thessaloniki, 21-22 February 2014. pp.30-38. [ISBN: 978-960-9555-02-9].  


The current study presents the European research project “E3NETWORK”,which works on the design of an E-band transceiver for the backhaul infrastructure of future networks. The transceiver utilizes modern digital modulation schemes for achieving high spectral efficiency which, in combination with the increased available bandwidth, allows for capacities greater than 10Gbps. The system is expected to present high economic and energy efficiency, thus strengthening the position of European Industry in the field of network technology infrastructures. It will also facilitate transition to smaller and more “energy efficient” base stations, which are the “key” to novel network topologies allowing new ways for using network resources. Emphasis is given to the unique characteristics of E-band systems and their potential applications. Underlying standards defining their operation, as well as international and European standardization practices are thoroughly

analyzed. Finally, some proposed contributions of the project’s latest results to standardization actions are quoted.

Key Words: Future Internet (FI), E-band, millimeter wave (MMW) backhaul, next generation network (NGN).


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  • Project acronym

  • Project title
    Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks

  • Project reference

  • Project coordinator
    CEIT (Spain)

  • Start date: 01/12/2012
    End date: 31/05/2016

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