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A.Alonso,J.F.Sevillano,I.Vélez. Parallel Implementation of a Sample Rate Conversion and Pulse-Shaping Filter for High Speed Backhauling Networks. Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, Nov 26-28 2014, Madrid, Spain


This paper considers the design of a parallel sample rate interpolation filter for the backhaul of the future mobile networks. These future networks must provide Gigabit data rates, which relay on the use of high spectral efficiency, high bandwidth baseband signals. Parallel signal processing becomes a necessity since state of the art technology is incapable of serially generating and converting these high bandwidth signals. Moreover, signal generation and digital-to-analog conversion are performed under incommensurate clock domains. Therefore, interpolation becomes a necessity when connecting signal generation to signal conversion.
The paper analyses the interpolation equation and discusses several techniques to achieve a parallel implementation. The designed interpolation filter has been tested to adapt an incoming signal data stream at a rate of 1.7 giga-symbols per second into a stream of interpolants at a rate of 2.8 giga-interpolants per
second under two incommensurate clock domains. Index Terms—Sample Rate Conversion, Interpolation, High Speed, Filtering, Parallel implementation


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  • Project acronym

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    Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks

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    CEIT (Spain)

  • Start date: 01/12/2012
    End date: 30/11/2015

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