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A. Rezola, J. F. Sevillano, D. Del Rio, I. Guruceaga, R. Berenguer, I. Vélez. Frequency-selective IQ Imbalance Compensation in Zero-Second-IF Transmitters for Wide-Band mmW Links. 19th International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers, (CSCC 2015) Zakynthos Island, Greece, July 16-20, 2015.


This article deals with the analysis and mitigation of one of the most prominent impairments found in wideband zerosecond- IF transceivers, called frequency-selective IQ imbalance. The IQ imbalance can significantly reduce the performance of a communication system. Digital predistortion can be used to mitigate this RF impairment at the transmitter. However, for the design of this digital predistorter, measurements need to be performed at the output of the IQ modulator. Performing this measurements in a wide-band transmitter, with a signal bandwidth of 1GHz can be difficult. The paper proposes to perform a calibration after manufacturing. The calibration procedure does not require any additional hardware in the transmitter and can be performed using standard laboratory equipment. The paper validates the approach by means of experimental measurements performed using a test-setup. The results show the benefit of applying the proposed technique by analysing the transmitted waveform.



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    Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks

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    CEIT (Spain)

  • Start date: 01/12/2012
    End date: 30/11/2015

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