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D7.3.1  Report on generated foreground 1

Executive Summary

Within E3Network, the Intellectual Property Officer supervises all dissemination activities, deciding on protection and access rights to knowledge based upon the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement. The Intellectual Property Officer also studies all the IPR issues that arise within the project.

This report summarizes the foreground generated by each partner during the first period of the project. Moreover, the exploitable foreground of the project generated during this period is identified. The Intellectual Property Rights of this foreground have been monitored by the Intellectual Property Officer of the project.




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  • Project acronym

  • Project title
    Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks

  • Project reference

  • Project coordinator
    CEIT (Spain)

  • Start date: 01/12/2012
    End date: 31/05/2016

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